Setting up an Open House

Watch this 1 minute video on Open House registration.

1. Select Open House from bottom navigation on Homedart App.

2. Enter Property Address into top box. If the property address does not show up for selection, enter the MLS #. Once a property has been entered the first time, it can be selected from the drop down “or Choose Property…”

3. Press “Launch” button to open the registration screen in separate tab or window.


Visitor Check-in / Registration

1. Visitors complete Open House registration screen and press sign-in. Email and Name are required fields.

2. Agent may exit or re-launch the Open House check-in screen by scrolling down and selecting the Homedart logo in the lower right corner of the screen.


What Homedart does automatically:

  1. Homedart sends the agent a text notification immediately after each visitor checks in.

  2. Homedart sends an Open House follow-up video to each visitor, along with property and market details. Messages are sent to visitors as a text and an email if both mobile number and email address are given.

  3. An email containing the name and contact info of all Open House visitors is delivered to the hosting agent at 4:30 PM.


  • Time period between the visitor check-in and the delivery of the follow-up is configurable on the settings screen of the agent’s Homedart app.

  • No message is sent if the visitor checks “Already working with a real estate agent” at the time of registration. Lead contact info is still available to the real estate agent on the Homedart Contacts tracking screen on the app.

  • If no Wi-Fi or Internet is available at the time of the open house, launch check-in screen prior to arriving at the property. During check-in, the visitor information is captured and the automated follow-ups are sent once the tablet or computer used for the open house reconnects to the Internet.