Lead Activity Tracking

Watch this 1 minute video on Lead Activity Tracking.

Homedart provides in-app and email activity tracking for all leads entered into the Homedart system. To view lead activity, select Contact from the bottom navigation.

Select Contact from the bottom of the screen!

To view Activity, press the number in the far right hand column next to any lead.  A pop-up screen will show the date, time, and activity taken by the lead on one or more properties.


For a look back at more lead activity, press Load Older Leads at the bottom of the screen to view all leads from the past year. Press Load Ad Data to view activity on ads for your listings and to get links for any of your social media ads. A list of all leads are sent as a .CSV file to the agent’s email address when Export Leads is pressed.


Press on the lead name on the left side of the screen to view the source of the lead, to edit details about the lead, add notes or send a Homedart follow-up.


Email Summary Reports

Homedart sends an email containing a summary of Lead Activity each week on Monday morning and an Open House visitor activity summary at the end of the day after an Open House.