Artificial Intelligence Automates Property Video Generation

Dart Video Communications Inc. (Dart) added Image Recognition (IR) Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Home Dart – its patent-pending suite of tools for real estate agents.

“AI allows Home Dart to create brief but effective introductory videos on demand from a standard set of listing photos and MLS data,” said Fred Federspiel, Dart CEO. “The technology helps agents and home buyers by automating the process of culling a well-rounded introductory property video from the much more comprehensive set of MLS photos – photos that are typically more appropriate for later-stage leads who have already demonstrated significant interest in a particular property.”

“We are happy that Dart has continued to add new tools and new capabilities to our agents’ tool set for engaging leads,” said Carolyn Fugere, Managing Broker of the Larchmont office of Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty. “We look forward to taking advantage of this exciting new capability to elevate the initial experience we deliver to every lead.”

“This AI functionality is now incorporated into the full suite of Home Dart’s video generation tools,” said Federspiel. “So our New Lead Response videos, Facebook video ads, Open House follow-up videos, and Agent Intro videos will all be much more effective at conveying a quick, satisfying overview of the desired property.”