I am now an official Ninja.

Last month, I took part in a three-day training workshop on Ninja Selling, a program focused on building relationships and creating value for clients in order to grow a thriving real estate business. Here are my top takeaways:

Build Relationships. Outsource Everything Else.

Focus on the key skills that make you a great real estate professional - connecting and servicing buyers and sellers. Leverage technology wherever you can to save time. At every Open House, I register visitors digitally. It not only makes me look professional, but it saves me data entry time and ensures I capture contact info correctly. I also love Calendly to efficiently schedule appointments.

Envision your Success.

Set goals and write them down. Plan out what you will do on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis to get the results you want. Every day, track your success to watch your business grow. So far, it has really helped me focus on what is important and inform how I should spend my time.

Be Generous.

In the long run, Ninja Selling promises that you will build a successful business by being generous with your time, your skills and your knowledge. Recently, I volunteered for my daughter's play and met two wonderful women who ended up being two great clients. Being generous can extend to collaborating with your fellow agents and going the extra mile to help a client settle into their new home. I'm convinced that the good will you build will result in a stellar reputation and a strong network.